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Home Visit
Regular home visits will be offered to students and parents through the year to meet with the program director at the students’ homes to ensure students are enjoying and making progress with their lessons.

Students will need an electric bass and other supplementary equipments for their lessons. The list is as followed.  We will provide complimentary assistance in helping you with the purchasing process.  Please contact us before making your purchase to avoid costly mistakes!
















Bass is definitely one of the most (if not the most) important instruments in the contemporary music world!  Though often neglected comparing to the guitars and drums in a band, its function as a groove machine and harmonic foundation has made it one of the most unique and important instruments.  From pushing a driving rock bass line to laying down a funky groove, our versatile, experienced and knowledgeable team of instructors will sure know how to help the students and parents reach their goals.

Generally bass is for students 9 and up.  Adequate finger strength and arm span are required to start playing the bass.  However, each student is unique in its developmental stage.  Please contact us to schedule a free assessment meeting today!

Lesson Plan
Merry Melody Music Academy has uniquely designed a well-rounded lesson plan and material that will ensure that students, regardless of their age and experience, have an enjoyable, encouraging and educational experience!  Balancing students’ interests and fundamentals, weekly lessons will contain the following components.

Performance Opportunities
Students are encouraged and given a multitude of performance opportunities.  Public performance helps to boost confidence and is a fun way for students to receive affirmation of their progress.  Moreover, students and instructors can work towards them as goals.  To accommodate the individual needs, there are various recitals with different sizes of audiences throughout the year.  















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