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Merry Melody Music Academy was founded in 2001 by Vivian Tsang and Chris Poon, who still serve as Directors today.  Though being different instrumentalists, they both share the same visions as music teachers - to share the joy of music with students and to equip them so that they can enjoy the gift of music for the rest of their lives.  To achieve these goals, they believe the perfect approach to lessons is to strike the right balance between students’ interests and fundamentals while adopting the practice of positive encouragement.  At the same time, the lessons should also be challenging appropriately with the focus on progress. After years of working with students of all ages and abilities applying this student-oriented and progress-based approach, both of them have seen incredible results where students not only enjoy the experience of playing music that they love in the lessons, but also develop skills that will enable them to continue doing so for years to come.  It is these beliefs and approaches that have geared and shaped Merry Melody Music Academy into the premier music school that it is today.
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How It Works

Our philosophy here at Merry Melody Music Academy is to find the balance between learning and fun.  Lessons that are fun and engaging will spark and keep the interest of the students.  On the other hand, it is just as important that students are progressing and improving on their musical skills.  When students are excited about music and their instruments, they will work hard at improving their skills, which in turn will help them develop a sense of accomplishment.  This sense of accomplishment will make their musical experience a positive one, and will be the underlying and fundamental reason why playing music is so much fun!



Benefits of Music Education

Learning a musical instrument promotes self-expression, creativity, cognitive development, abstract thought, and motor & rhythmic development.  Recent research supports findings that music study may be linked to higher brain function in learning. Learning to play an instrument can help your child be more successful in school and develop skills that they can use their entire life.  Music lessons will raise self-esteem and foster devotion, self-discipline, and confidence.

Not only will learning an instrument help children grow cognitively, but there is something about the timelessness and the universality of music that makes it a special gift for a student.  To be able to experience the joy of music is unique to the human experience and is the only transcending thing that has cross through every single human culture in history.  Not even language can make this claim.

















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Faculty | Programs | Fees | Why Merry Melody? | Recital Clips | Policies | Calendar


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