“My children feel proud of their accomplishment and always look forward to their next lesson.”
- Serena, Westwood

Guitar is one of the most dynamic and popular instruments in the world! With its versatility, students can play almost any existing genre of music on this easily accessible instrument. Unfortunately, it is also one of the harder instruments to learn. Its unique design presents challenges and an unexpected longer learning curves for beginners compared to other instruments. With our incredible depth of experience, we have developed a system that will help students enjoy learning without unnecessary frustration. Be it rocking out a soulful Hendrix solo on the electric guitar or strumming the latest, hottest tune from the radio on the acoustic guitar, our versatile, experienced and knowledgeable team of instructors know how to help students and parents reach their goals.

Age Prerequisite
Generally guitar is for students 8 and up. Adequate finger strength is required to start playing the guitar. Starting lessons before they are physically ready will be frustrating for students. Please contact us to schedule a free trial lesson today and our experienced staff will be able to tell students if they are ready to start their lessons.

Enrollment & Registration
Enrollment is ongoing throughout the year. Students will be scheduled a free trial lesson initially for assessment purposes and they can register to sign up afterwards. Please contact us to set up your free trial lesson today!

Lessons & Instructors
Students will be scheduled for weekly lessons with an instructor who will work with them through the school year after the free trial lesson. Students under the age of 10 generally start with 30-minute lessons while students over the age of 10 are recommended for 45-minute lessons. 60-minute lessons are recommended intermediate or advanced students.

Lesson Plan
Merry Melody Music Academy has uniquely designed a well-rounded lesson plan and material that will ensure that students, regardless of their age and experience, have an enjoyable, encouraging and educational experience! Balancing students’ interests and fundamentals, weekly lessons will contain the following components.

  • Technique
  • Note Reading
  • Rhythm Guitar (Chords)
  • Songs of Student’s Choice

Performance Opportunities
Students are encouraged and given a multitude of performance opportunities. Public performance helps to boost confidence, gives students goals to work toward, and is a fun way for students to receive affirmation of their progress. To accommodate their individual needs, there are various recitals with different sizes of audiences throughout the year.

  • End of the Year Recital
  • Winter Mall Concert
  • Charity Concert
  • Retirement Home Recitals

Home Visit
Regular home visits will be offered to students and parents through the year to meet with the program director at the students’ homes to ensure students are enjoying and making progress with their lessons.

Join A Band
Merry Melody Music Academy also offers an exciting Rock Band Class program where students that are similar in age, interest and level would be grouped into bands that rehearse and perform regularly. This is a fun opportunity for students to learn how to play with others and to enjoy playing music at a whole different level. Guitar students typically with 3 years of playing experience would be ready to join a band and enjoy themselves.

There are generally 3 types of guitars - acoustic steel-string guitar, acoustic nylon-string guitar and electric guitar. For beginners, we recommend starting on acoustic nylon-string guitars or electric guitars and to avoid acoustic steel-string guitars. It is because generally acoustic steel-string guitars require a lot of finger strength to play which would translate to frustrations for beginners. The choice between acoustic nylon-string or electric guitars would depend on the type of music that the student want to play and his or her preference for the feel of the instrument. The following is a list of equipment that are needed before starting. We will provide complimentary assistance in helping you with the purchasing process. Please contact us before making your purchase to avoid costly mistakes!

  • Guitar (acoustic or electric)
  • Guitar Amplifier (electric guitar ONLY)
  • Instrument Cable (electric guitar ONLY)
  • Digital Tuner
  • Music Stand
  • Guitar Picks
  • Books