“We love Merry Melody Music Academy and found the teachers to be excellent in every way. Thank you!”
- Isabelle, Westwood
Rock Band

Playing in a band is one of the most rewarding and fun experiences! The collaboration between fellow musicians does not only give students a whole new meaning to playing music, but very often elevates students' playing to a much higher ground. In this exciting program, students with similar abilities, interests and ages will form bands that rehearse to complete songs for performances at our recitals and other venues such as restaurants or town fairs. Unlike jamming with others in a garage, an instructor will be coaching and playing with the bands. Also, different than any band programs in regular schools, our students will be choosing the music that they want to play. More importantly, the music will be carefully arranged so that each individual member's strength will be highlighted in the group. Striking a perfect balance between teamwork and individuality, this is truly a unique and invaluable opportunity that completes the experience of music education for every student!

Age and Experience Prerequisite
Rock Band Class is for students ages 10 and up with 2+ years of formal lessons or playing experience on their instruments. Prior to signing up, the program director will schedule free assessment meetings with the interested students to make sure they are ready for the class.

Each band will be made up of a Vocalist, a Keyboardist, one to two Guitarists, a Bassist and a Drummer.

Enrollment & Registration
Registration closes by Aug 31st for the Fall semester and Jan 31st for the Spring semester.

Rehearsal Schedule
Students will be scheduled to rehearse for ten bi-weekly 60-min sessions in each semester. Fall semester runs from September to January, and Spring semester runs from February to June.

Performance Opportunities
Each band will aim to finish 1-2 songs each semester and perform those in our recitals and also other local venues.

  • Charity Concert
  • End of the Year Recital
  • Westwood Pumpkinfest
  • Westwood Day
  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • School's Fair